Updating samsung tv firmware

You'd think their extractor program would place them in a format the TV wanted.. Unzipping is in progress and program will close automatically after installation. A folder containing the firmware files has been added to the USB memory drive. Safely disconnect the USB memory drive by right clicking the green check mark on the taskbar and then left click "Safely Remove".When my TV broke, I told the service technician that picked up the TV what the Samsung tech told me regarding the firmware update and he agreed.I have read elsewhere that Samsung recommends updating your firmware whether you are experiencing problems or not. Firmware updates are supposed to fix problems, not introduce others.I've got the subject TV, it won't run the youtube app (just freezes with the start logo). Looking at the Samsung website the latest version is 1024.0I have tried to update Firmware from the TV online and also via USB and it keeps saying no update available.. I copied all the files out of the lowest subfolder into the root directory and also copied the subfolder and files to the root directory and then the TV recognised the update.. If you rename this to T-GAS6DEUC it is recognised and upgrades OK. It can usually take about 30 seconds or so for the tv to detect it. Maybe drop some photos or video on there and check. Thanks for your help, I worked it out, seems the Samsung extractor was putting the files in a subfolder the TV didn't like (they were under two subfolders). Connect the USB Memory Drive to the USB port of your PC. The latest version (1024) extracts to a top folder of T-GAS6DEUC_1024.0 which the TV doesn't recognise. IF you're upgrading via USB, there's no need to do a stepped-upgrade through versions. However I used this method when I first got this device to do its updating with the firmware it has now.Samsung TV bought in April 2011, direct connection to home network via switch and connected to web via DSL.

As soon as I posted this thread I then went back to the Samsung website and seen that the file had to be unzipped.

However, each time I try to it gets stuck at 0% when I try with Ethernet or when I try with USB stick it gets stuck at the OK.

If you're upgrading via internet, it will automatically step through various versions to get you to the latest. Also If I try with USB it gets stuck at the OK menu.

**In some cases there will be no firmware listed and the website will show: “Unfortunately, this information isn't currently available for this product.” This is normal.

This means the website cannot find any firmware assigned to the model so the information is not available.

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