Updating a pdf file

Just about all of the Preflight functions are available via Actions including the profiles associates with PDF/A. Once you install the Action, it will appear at the top of your Action Wizard panel. If you have a document open, the Action will prompt you for a file location and to name the file.

To register for the 9th Circuit CM/ECF system, start here.

Normally, Acrobat’s PDF/A View mode appears when you open a PDF/A document and making edits to the document is not possible: Sometimes, however, you may need to revise a document before filing.

For example, you might create a PDF/A document from Microsoft Word then insert some scanned pages.

NOTE: As of October 27, 2014, you will not be able to use your Appellate ECF credentials without a linked PACER account. For training to walk you through the linking process and help you understand some of the changes in Next Gen CM/ECF, go here.

Use of the CM/ECF system is now mandatory for all attorneys and all court reporters filing in this Court, unless they are granted an exemption from using the CM/ECF system.

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