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The devil is in the details — or perhaps under the bed sheets — in “Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor,” a ludicrous marital drama-cum-morality play from contemporary black cinema’s most prolific multihyphenate.Significantly lacking in star wattage (including Perry’s own), this sluggish, relentlessly downbeat portrait of a young couple in crisis should play well to Perry’s fanbase, but won’t draw anywhere near Madea-sized crowds at a very competitive Easter box office.But what is lost is a more fundamental truth: young boys are not men.

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The jury returned its verdict after more than nine hours of deliberation, finding him guilty of sneaking into the girl’s bedroom and touching her early in the morning on Nov.[TIPS FOR PROTECTING BOYS FROM ABUSE] An emphasis on a hyper-masculine ideal of Black manhood has been a way to escape the chains of our past, but it also places a burden on those who would admit to certain kinds of victimization.For you see, in a world in which you are already disadvantaged in education, employment and financial aspiration, it becomes sacrosanct to – at the very least – hold on to an innate sense of pride.Ed later decided that he wanted to spend time with Keshia outside of the projects and desired to get to know Keshia.The two started to see more of each other and their very first date was at Keshia's home.

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