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Elizabeth's class is horsing around, enjoying the last days of seventh grade. She tosses her banker's box out the window and extends her hand, giving the school THE FINGER. Click Here to view the current Host Flyers, Sales Flyers and Recruiting flyers Offer organizations the opportunity to earn money with a one item fundraiser. SANDY PINKUS, 40s, sporting a ponytail, smiles, clearly enjoying the small compliment. Elizabeth passes Amy's classroom, where she is carefully removing inspirational posters from her walls and rolling them into cardboard tubes. JOHN ADAMS MIDDLE SCHOOL - DAY Three middle school BURNOUTS are smoking weed in a thicket on the outskirts of the school property.

Annie is in nice lingerie, happily getting ready for the day. Products everywhere, too many hair-flips, eye-cream, no hair out of place.

You can add others on the basis of the needs within the neighborhood and community as well as the material, skill, and other resources that may be found in abundance there.

List of Business Ideas from A to Z Accounting Services Advertising Agency Advertising Copywriting Advertising Specialty Sales Aerobics Classes Answering Service Antique and Collectibles Dealer Antique Book and Magazine Dealer Apiary (beekeeping) Appliance Repair Art Consultant Art Gallery Artist, Freelance Artist Management Art Restoration Attorney/Notary Public Auction Business Auto Sales Baby Handprint and Footprint Bronzing Service Baby Shoe Bronzing Service Badminton Courts Badminton Coaching Bakeshop Balloon and Other Party Needs Basketball Tournaments Basketware Beautician Bed and Breakfast Inn Bibingka and puto bumbong stall (especially at Christmas time) Bicycle Repair Billiard Hall Bookkeeping Service Bookbinding Service Bookstore Building/Home Inspection Service Bumper Stickers Bus Service Business Broker Business Consultant Business Financing Service Business Plan Consultant Business Plan Writer Buttons/Badges/Pins Cabinet Making Cake Decorating Calligraphy Candle Making Car Parts Dealing Car Rental Car Wash Car Wash (Mobile) Canning Carinderia Carpentry Services Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Cartoonist Catering Service Cell Phone and Accessories Trade Cell Phone Repair Ceramics/Pottery Cleaning Service Clip Art Clothing and Accessories Design Clown Coaching (Sports) Coin Dealer Collection Agency Commercial Artist Computer Animator Computer Bulletin Board Owner Computer Consultant Computer Data Back-up Service Chair Caning Chair and Table Rental Cheese Making Children’s Clothes Children’s Transportation Service Childcare Provider Computer Programmer Computer Repair Computer Training Computer Tutor for Children Concert Promotion Concierge Services Construction Services Consultant, Art Consultant, Beauty Consultant, Business Consultant, Computer Consultant, Image (Public Relations) Consultant, Internet Consultant, Landscaping Consultant, Small Business Consultant, Wedding Convenience Store Cooking School Cosmetics Sales Cosmetologist Costume Design Crafts Crafts Instructor Dance Instructor Dating and Escort Service Daycare Center Daycare for Adults Deli Business Desktop Publishing Desktop Video Dinner/Lunch Delivery Service Directory Publisher Direct Sales Disk Duplication/Burning Services Dog Breeding Dog Training Doll Making Dressmaking/Sewing Dried Floral Arrangements Dry Cleaning Services Dry Cleaning Pick-Up and Delivery Service Editorial Services Email Processing Embossed Stationery Employee Trainer Employment Agency Engineering Consultant Errand Service Event Management Event Organizer Event Planner Executive Search Export Agent Finance Broker Financial Advisor Financial Planner Fishball stand Fish Boat/Fishing Fish Culture (bangus, tilapia, prawns) Fish Drying/Smoking Fishing Supplies Fish Tank/Bird Cage Maintenance and Sales Fitness Trainer Flea Market Seller Flower Shop Food Delivery Service Forwarding Service Framing (Picture) Service Franchise Consultant Franchise Owner Franchisee Freebie Ad Magazines Freelance Artist Freelance Photographer Freelance Writer Fruit Processing/Preservation Fundraiser Furniture Making Furniture Restoration and Refurbishment Garage Sales Garage Sales Promotion Garbage Collection Services Garden (Commercial) Garden Consultant Gardener Ghost Writer Gift Baskets Gift Baskets, Gourmet Giveaways Goat Raising Goldsmith Gourmet Jam and Jelly Graphic Artist Greeting Cards Grocery Shopping Service Hairdresser Handmade Paper Handmade Soaps Handyman Service Hardware Store Hauling Service Healthcare Consultant Herbalist Herb and Spice Business Herb Gardener Herb Wreaths and Crafts Holiday Decor Hog Raising Home Accessories Sales Home Boarding Home Business Consultant Home Decorating Home Furnishings Home Healthcare Agency Home Inspection Service Homemade Foods Home Tutoring Housewares “How-To” Videos Human Resources Consultant Import/Export Imprinting Independent Contractor Indoor Fountains Insurance Sales Internet Consultant Interior Decorating Internet Cafe Internet Marketing Internet Recruiting Internet Service Provider Interpreter/Translator Inventory Taping Service Invitation Printing Lamaze Instructor Landscaping Consultant Landscaping Service Language Translation Laundromat Laundry Service Lawn Maintenance Legal Transcription Service Lending Services Limousine Service Lingerie Sales Locksmith Long Distance Telecommunications Products Magician Mailing List Services Mail House Mail Order Make-Up Artist Management Consultant Manicurist Marblecraft Market Research Marketing Consultant Massage Therapy Meat Processing (tocino, tapa, longganisa, etc.) Medical Claims Processing Medical Diagnostic Clinic Medical Office Consultant Medical Transcription Service Meeting and Event Planner Menu Planner Metalworking/Fabrication Mobile Manicurist Mobile Notary Public Mobile Pet Groomer Mobile Puppet Theater Moving Service Music Lessons Nanny Finding Service Nature Hikes New Media/Multimedia Production Newsletter Production for Clients Newsletter Publishing Newspaper Clipping Service Newsboy Newspaper Delivery Newspaper Stand Notary Public Nutritional Supplements Sales Office Organizer Office Plant Care Office Support Service Online Internet Training Online Newspaper Online Researcher/Abstractor Online Retailer Organic Fertilizer Making Organic Vegetable Farming Outdoor Adventures Packing/Unpacking Service Painting Paper Recycling Papier Mache Paralegal Services Party Catering Party Plan Sales Party Planning Pawnshop Payroll Service Pedicab Operation Personal Fitness Trainer Personalized Stationery Pest Control Services Pet Breeding Pet Food and Supplies Delivery Pet Grooming Service Pet Stud Service Pet Products Pet Shop Pet Show Business Pet Sitting/Home-Care Service Photos to Video, Transferring Photography Photography, Scenic Piano Tuning Picture Framing Plant Nursery Polling/Surveying Pool Cleaning Portrait and Wedding Photography Portrait Artist Potted Plants/Potted Vegetables Poultry Farmer Preschool Pregnancy Fitness Class Printing Business, Small Printing Broker Printer Toner Recharging Private Detective Services Product Assembly Product Development Consultant Professional Organizing Service Proofreading Service Property Damage Appraisal Service Property Manager Public Relations Agency Public Speaking Puto-kutsinta (and other native delicacies) Making and Selling Real Estate Appraising Realtor Recruitment/Job Placement Agency Relocation Consultant Remodeling Contractor Repacking (of basic commodities) Restaurant Booking Service Restaurant Delivery Service Retail Consultant Reunion Organizer Risk Management Consultant Rubber Stamps Safety Consultant Sari-sari store School Photographer Screen Printing Secretarial Service Security Video Service Self Defense Instructor Self-Improvement Seminars Self Publishing Seminars and Workshops Seminar Promotion Seniors Exercise Classes Sewing/Dressmaking Shareware Programmer Shoe and Bag Repair Shopping Service Show Promoting Shuttle Service Sightseeing Tours Sign Design and Painting Small Business Consultant Software Creation Software Trainer Spa/Sauna Parlor Special Event Videos Specialty Consultant Stained Glass Street Food Selling Stuffed Toy Making Survey Taking Service Tailoring Shop Tarot Reader Tax Consultant Tax Return Preparation Service Taxicab Operation Teaching Technical Writing Service Telemarketing Telephone Answering Service Telephone Service Reseller Temporary Help Agency Time Management Consultant Tool Rental Service Tour Guide Training Transferring Photos to Video Service Transcription Services Translator/Interpreter Travel Agency Travel Club T-Shirt Design Tupperware Sales Tutoring Service TV Repair Typing Service Vending Machine Business Veterinary Clinic Video cassette recorder Repair Video Duplication Service Video Editing Service Video Production Video Rental Shop Video Taping Service Videoke Bar Vitamin/Nutrition/Weight Loss Product Sales Voicemail Voice Instructor Voice Over Watch Repair Website Design Website Development Web Hosting Services Web Marketing Wedding Consultant Wedding Coordinator Wedding Planner Wedding Video Service Wedding Singer Welcoming Service Window Washing Service Wood Carving Woodworking/Woodcraft Word Processing Workshops, Seminars Writing Audio Cassette Scripts Writing Press Releases Writing Research and Term Papers Yard Cleaning Finding the best business for you involves looking from within and from without.

Wally turns to AMY SQUIRREL, late 20s, cute and wholesome. PRINCIPAL SNUR Thanks, Amy, (then, back to his notes) . She sports an enormous diamond ring and dresses slightly more cosmopolitan than the other teachers. He hands it to Elizabeth, who considers what to write for a beat, then smiles as she signs it. JOHN ADAMS MIDDLE SCHOOL - HALLWAY - DAY Elizabeth walks down the hall holding her box.

PRINCIPAL SNUR (CONT'D) But now as the summer is upon us, it's time to not only say goodbye to another school year, but to also say goodbye to a member of our faculty. ELIZABETH HALSEY, mid 20s, pretty and petite, walks up to the front. A dim-looking BOY tentatively approaches her desk with his yearbook in hand.

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