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Now, it's not my intention to upset you with these numbers, because I'm one of those glass-half-full kind of guys.

You may be depressed by these figures, but if you look a little deeper under the surface, you will soon realize that for every six men who will cheat, there are four men who will be faithful. If you're over the age of 20 and you haven't been living with your head in the sand, it should come as no surprise to know that some men cheat.

I wrote a novel called in which the characters walk through these issues as they show up in love relationships.

The reader is the fly on the wall as the characters explore their sexual shame, and learn to relate with the partners they live with and love.

We know that sounds crazy, since text and email give a cheater more time to craft a believable story.

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Honest, reliable men never doubt you, because they do not doubt themselves.

In fact, there are three major signs that predict if a guy will cheat on you.1. Guys who cheat often lead double lives, and in order to do so they have to cover their tracks.

A guy who is secretive and doesn't reveal much about himself or his life is a guy who is a prime candidate to be featured on an episode of .

My work with clients and my explorations on Ashley Madison reveal that sexual relating is perhaps the most confusing arena in which to relate.

Love, sex, and shame are interwoven in ways that are difficult to pull apart.

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    Usually at the end of the episode, if your affinity (or compatibility) is high enough with one guy, you get the option to go on a date with them.