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A brutal midfielder, he was respected and feared in equal measure.Suffers unfairly from the comparison with Souness, but he was a midfielder enforcer of the highest standard. Steve Mc Manaman History shows Mc Manaman wasn’t appreciated as much as he should have been after a stunning breakthrough – he would achieve more at Real Madrid than Anfield – but for a while the team revolved around him. Alan Kennedy Scoring two European Cup winning goals would earn you a statue at most clubs. Football is about seizing the day, and none has ever grabbed it with more relish and regularity than the left back. Steve Mc Mahon The engine room of the 1987-88 side had so much to live up to but delivered some of the greatest performances in Liverpool history.

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"We seemed to have every thug and reprobate in central Florida under arrest," Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd told WFTV.Nicole was created as a love interest for established character Maia Jeffries (Anna Jullienne).Sally Martin had previously auditioned for 4 other roles before being offered the role of Nicole and was described as calling the portrayal of the same-sex relationship, "liberating".His strike rate eclipses Fowler and Rush, and only injury has prevented the record books being rewritten already. Stephane Henchoz It is often overlooked how Henchoz and Hyypia turned a poor Liverpool defence into one of Europe’s best at the start of the millennium.Treble winner Henchoz was brave, tactically astute and the perfect complement to Hyypia’s elegance. Willie Stevenson Midfielder Stevenson was another celebrated member of Shankly's title winning and FA Cup winning team of the mid-60s.

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