Girls masturdating

Normally I'll just play with my clit, and I find it's better if you watch some porn or something beforehand or just make yourself wet somehow.I can't really be that creative just incase my brother or sister or parent comes into the room :/ so I try to hold my breath and only breathe when I have to (so I'm more quiet), I find it also makes you orgasm faster if you're in a rush.We adore girls of all types and love showing you how they get off behind closed doors, alone and together.

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Sometimes I like to hump my hands or a pillow or something, and I find it really kinky to watch myself in the mirror and it makes me more wet, even though I'm DEFINITELY not a lesbian..

Recently found out that TONS of girls masturbate, and have been since like 10 or 11, so don't think it's weird to want to!

I know that I want a proper orgasm so so bad, and I'm not even a s*** or anything!

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