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First up: Do Jewish Men Really Have a Thing for Asian Women?

Ok, maybe it’s because I’m an Asian woman but I see TONS of White guys and Asian ladies running around together and those White guys, for whatever reason are ALWAYS JEWISH!

However, we at CMB feel uniquely suited to test this specific hypothesis because of our –how shall we put it– enormously overly-representative Jewish & Asian membership.

Seriously, check it out; numbers don’t lie: NOTE: We divided White into Jewish and non-Jewish for the purpose of this analysis. As you can see, Jewish and Asians are over-represented by ten times on CMB compared to the total US population.

23, 2009, on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. *** Soon after my bar mitzvah, just as I was discovering my interest in the opposite sex, I began to be bombarded with information about intermarriage—about how one in every two Jewish people would marry a non-Jew and how more than half of the children of those unions would not be raised Jewish.

But as I fell in love with her, she fell in love with me—and with my Judaism as well.

As an awesome byproduct of this, we’ve also collected a ton of data on what different groups of people are looking for when it comes to dating.

This month, we’ve decided to use this data to launch a series of posts busting common dating myths.

I resolved that I would only go out with Jewish girls. I attributed this to the fact that I was kind of nerdy: My extra-curricular activities included musical theater, video games, and Dungeons & Dragons, not exactly the types of things that made a guy popular with the ladies. I had numerous opportunities, on the other hand, to date non-Jewish women.

Such a mix seems nasty and confounding today, and the resulting book is obsessed with the penis, complexes, and allegedly not infrequent impotence of Jewish men, who here are continually both the butt of jokes and the target of lusty fascination. The illustrations suggest the book is more the former: Instead, the authors prefer that non-Jewish women chase after divorced Jewish men, which is most of them, the book insists.

It’s not exactly My favorite thing in there is the way the all-caps “it” now looks like I. Much of the authors’ attention is dedicated to interfaith coupling. The first time, the Jewish man is not a gracious guest inside. As much as he would love to have his mouth on it, that’s dirty, dirty, dirty and he’s guilty, guilty, guilty.” They also insist that Jewish men will always lock the bathroom door, will often use hand lotion, and will worry over whether you wear a coat outside.

From the chapter “The Jewish Man and the Bedroom”: “You need to help him. And just like the writers over at, they devote pages to a character they call “The Rich Jewish Man.” He is something of a money ninja: Okay, that last one is actually kind of funny. Is it elsewhere when they state “A nice Jewish boy’s sexual experiences begin after his first marriage”?

Shocking Detail: The book has not aged well, and to our more sensitive time much of it sounds mean spirited, especially its assumptions that the Jewish man is inevitably divorced, mother-fixated, anxiety driven, and hard to talk to about money. With it he gives you a whole new sexual experience.

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