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Deborah Hollamby is rushing to dole out breakfast, check gym kits and fill sandwich boxes whilst trying to apply her makeup and make meaningful conversation with her husband.

A familiar scene in any family home - and usually the time of day when most of us long for some peace and quiet. She revels in the hurly burly - for Deborah is a former nun.

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She describes Tinder as ‘throwaway’, but endorses other, more serious dating apps like Ok Cupid or Match. ‘The point is: there isn’t just one person that you could/should marry. ‘Feelings are a very important component and often added bonus – but they come and go. Unplug Your crush is way more fascinating then whatever pixels you’re staring at. I don’t like to be presumptuous, but I’d wager that a nun is probably not the first person to pop into your head if you’re looking for dating advice. ‘It shouldn’t be a consumer experience – no “laundry lists” of what you’re looking for in a spouse. She told me: ‘From what I can see, modern dating often misses the whole purpose of dating. Deepen your life-experiences by reflecting on them. “People are not having children and it’s difficult for those living in small cities and rural areas to meet other young people,” he said.“It’s very hard for temple owners in particular, because their temples will close if they cannot pass them on to their children.

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