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Bacchanal - party atmosphere; arguments, confusion e.g.

"If dey find out, it will be rel bacchanal." Back chat - a rude response e.g. " Badjohn - a bully; a person who thinks they're really "bad" Bath suit - swim suit Lil - little Lime - to hang out in a casual atmosphere e.g. " Make style - to show off Mamaguy - to make fun of, to fool Mas - used to refer to Carnival; to play mas - to masquerade Obeah - black magic, voodoo Obzokee - unpleasant, out of place Ole talk - chit-chat, light-hearted chatter e.g.

The Google “Hangouts” feature launched back in June 2011, providing a forum where up to 10 people (or, in rare cases, Muppets) can join together for a group video chat.

Some are accompanied by photos of horns that have been sliced or carved. Many offer to mail samples for examination in advance before payment for a big deal.And so, on this occasion, he did not seek to avoid the chat on which Pierre was bent.I know them all, and I think they like me, because I chat to them.I can get politics and chat and neighborly conveniences from cheaper companions.What I want to chat to you about at present is how to catch a caricature.

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