Battlefield 2142 stats not updating updating computer class

Reset Profiles, Apply CD Key, and Check the "enable widescreen"Press pay and you will be in game in no time..100-800 players daily , servers in US, AUS, UK, Brazil and more.Battlefield 2142 has an unlock system that allows the player to choose a new unlock every time they achieve a new rank instead of forcing the player to purchase items.A booster pack called Northern Strike contains new maps, unlocks, and vehicles; a deluxe edition was released that contains Battlefield 2142 and Northern Strike.The P-Stats Network provides several websites and services around game and player statistics.

It opens up new categories of vehicles and weapons not seen in Battlefield 2.

Both modes support varying numbers of players, up to 64, depending upon the server a player chooses to join online.

The single player mode consists of a maximum of 16 players, which includes 15 AI bots.

Ive played on ranked servers and also installed the "BF2 server ranks and unlocks". you need to register your account using the exact same nickname you used when you created your original account, back when the Game Spy Servers were still online. The majority (if not all) of these Ranked Severs have the first hours of gameplay, many months ago.

However, im not able to view any records in BFHQ and the "Stats" tab . If you have done that correctly, go to this thread. As such it should be overlooked, because I was not aware of most of the informations I have collected in this post, (for example I might just have switched from a Ranked Server to an Unranked one without knowing it, thus being stripped of my Rank and probably losing the unlocks as well).

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