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Similarly to how stocks have a stock price, mutual funds have an NAV (net asset value).So, if you want to purchase one share of a mutual fund, you will purchase at the NAV.

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On average, share prices declined 5 percent in the period prior to the day before the announcement and an additional 1 percent after the announcement.One difference between a mutual fund NAV and stock price is that the NAV will not change throughout the day like a stock price will. So, when you purchase a mutual fund at a listed NAV price, that listed price is actually the price as of yesterday's close.Therefore, your purchase will be based on the updated NAV at the end of the CURRENT trading day.Between 19, the defendant and his coconspirators engaged in a fraudulent backdating scheme using hindsight to select the issuance date of Comverse stock options, which they awarded to themselves and Comverse employees, and then lied about this practice to investors in public filings and elsewhere.In doing so, the defendant and his coconspirators were able to select issuance dates when Comverse stock was trading lower, thereby awarding themselves and Comverse employees “in-the-money” options without properly accounting for these options in Comverse’s financial disclosures to investors.

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